I personally just love the unadulterated gore and violence that happen throughout the show. Masashi Ebara, Show Hayami, Leo Morimoto, Masato Kubota, | Stars: | Doug Erholtz, By and way, if you’ve watched Mushishi, have you watched Kino no Tabi (Kino’s Journey) yet? Rintaro | Director: Prepare yourself for a lot of Ghibli. Shigeru Chiba, Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Director: Director: 100 min It’s based in an alternative timeline of Earth where a person has yet to be sent into space. | Mika Doi, Not Rated 3. MyAnimeList has got you covered! Hiroyuki Kitakubo, | | Now this is one of those shows that just proves how wild people in the 80s were, as far as concepts go. | Toshio Furukawa, Unrated Honestly it has its faults, but it also has a certain appeal and a legacy. Space captain Harlock, the latest in a family of proud aerial warriors, begins his journey to free the oppressed Earth from the despotic Illumidas Command. | Often times, the two get mixed with each other and that’s not exactly a bad thing. Chuck Denson Jr., Steve Bulen, | Noboru Ishiguro It might seem like a stale formula now but trust me: Kenshirou’s “wahaa”s as he does an intense acupuncture on his enemy never gets old. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore … Animation, Action, Adventure, In the next century, a reconfiguring ship (think "Transformer" with a pilot) called Macross carries fifty thousand refugees within its hold as it returns to Earth pursued by giant humanoid ... See full summary », Directors: | Check the list here. Animation, Action, Crime. The Best Anime Movies of the 1980s 1. Stars: Chiharu Kataishi, Animation, Action, Drama. Gorô Naya, Toshiki Hirano Animation, Action, Adventure. Because in Wicked City, aside from the normal boring humans, we also get demons. 1960/70s: 1980s: 1990s: 2000s: 2010s: 2020s: 1980s [edit | edit source] Title Studio Media Premiere Date Time Bokan Series: Otasukeman タイムパトロール隊オタスケマン Tatsunoko Pro TV But the curse is that whenever Ranma is in contact with cold water, he turns into a girl and can only revert after touching hot water. Michael Rudder, 8. | Looking for information on the fall season, 1980? I can’t say what the show is about as it’s an art piece, left to be interpreted however you like. Kazuyoshi Katayama | Jason Beck, | Michie Tomizawa, Like damn. This show is considered one of the hidden gems of the 80s, as its story is immaculate, the soundtrack an absolute bop, and the enjoyment factor extremely high. Watching Dragon Ball is honestly just a blast from the past at this point. Ichirô Nagai, Animation, Action, Adventure, Shogo Yahagi is on the run. Maria Kawamura, Animation, Action, Sci-Fi. The art style is definitely a bit on the “uf” side. Adrian Knight, The thing that sets Macross apart is that its world isn’t entirely just gloomy. Kôsuke Meguro, TV-PG | Director: Stars: The main consensus I’ve found about this show, and why it’s regarded as amazing, is its lack of a central antagonist, so it feels a bit more realistic. 91 min Masahiro Tanaka, Taro's ... See full summary », Director: List of Mecha anime/1980s < List of Mecha anime. Hideyuki Tanaka, So it’s the task of Athena and her zodiac knights to make sure that doesn’t happen. Along with the peace came a distinction in classes, and soon a new era of violence began. Stars: However, before his first day on the job, he becomes embroiled in a network war, a legendary figure named EVE, and a plot to re-inhabit the Earth. 46 min | Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Tomiko Suzuki, Not Rated Stars: Animation, Action, Adventure. Yoshiaki Kawajiri | | Tsuneo Tominaga Hiraku Takemura, Now this is the type of show one needs to survive in 202X and beyond. But that doesn’t stop love from flourishing. | Check out more on MAL this is definitely an odd 80s title that not many know about. Stars: There’s a space program, but let’s just say it is far from NASA. Of course, that all goes to hell and now everyone wants to murder everyone. In the early 1980s, CBN Cable aired an English dub of the Christian-themed anime series Superbook and The Flying House. Director: Satoshi Dezaki, 1960/70s: 1980s: 1990s: 2000s: 2010s: 2020s: 1990s [edit | edit source] Title Studio Media Premiere Date Reideen the Superior (超者ライディーン) Sunrise TV Oct 1996 This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. Toshiko Fujita, Jim Terry Why fear a demon when you can fear starvation? So you can see where a lot of the conflict and the comedy comes from. Naoko Matsui, | And the 80s version of this anime ran for over 120 episodes so there’s a plenty here to keep you busy. Now this show was so big in the 80s that it actually had real world consequences. A young swordsman ventures into a disaster stricken Shinjuku, Tokyo, to try and stop a powerful man, who has made a deal with the demon realm, from opening a portal that will allow demons to cross over to the human world. Akira (1988) R | 124 min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi. This is one of those 80s anime movies that shows that you don’t need any supernatural elements to tell an amazing story. Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It’s amazing to see how well this show has aged. Hiromi Tsuru, A pilot must try to survive with his humanity when he is shanghaied into a mercenary jet fighter force. And the inclusion of some political wars, so it’s not just aliens go pew pew but we get some drama and betrayal as well. Satoshi Dezaki Stars: 1980s; 1990s; 2000s; 2010s; 2020s; 2030s; Subcategories. 100 vintage anime films (1980-2000) 1. Jun Hazumi, TV-MA Director: Anime of the 1980s Astro Boy /Tetsuwan Atom (remake) The Blue Bird Cyborg 009 The Movie: Legend of the Super Galaxy Doraemon continued to air on TV and received movies throughout the 1980s Gigantor /Tetsujin Nijuhachi-go (remake) God Sigma The … | But what about the shows that came out of a stricter era? Beau Billingslea, Animation, Fantasy. | In a hell-torn Japan, where motorcycle gangs and violence overrun the country; one man named Violence Jack stands up to it all. This is not me calling you dear reader an assailant. Daisuke Gôri, Michie Tomizawa, Animation, Action, Crime, Emu Hino, a 29-year-old virgin, witnesses a mob hit and fears that the killer will now find her and kill her. | Hiroyuki Yokoyama Emi Shinohara, | Maria Kawamura, In the 1970s and 1980s many production companies such as DiC Entertainment, Nelvana, Hasbro, Warner Bros. Steve Bulen, Not Rated If you’ve got an anime elitist friend, then this show has undoubtedly been shoved down... 2. An elite anti-terrorist agent battles terrorists threatening Japan, but a mysterious third player is involved in their own way. | And you slowly realize that plot armor hasn’t been invented yet. Edie Mirman, Not Rated Animation, Action, Adventure, An orphan named Taro killed who Tein-Hei told her was the killer of his family. Animation, Horror, Sci-Fi. Kyoko is pretty bomb as well, but if her dog ever starts talking she is done for. Find the exact anime you are looking for. Yoshiko Sakakibara, R That’s right, today we’re looking at the best anime series, movies, and OVAs that came out during the 80s! | Animation, Action, Horror. A secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into ... 2. "Project A-Ko", "Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies", "Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy", "Urotsukidôji I: Legend of the Overfiend", & "Night on the Galactic Express" are … Miki Itô, Arihiro Hase, So watching the original series where Goku is just a kid with his friendly little flying cloud, and Krilin still fears death, it’s refreshing you know? 1970 Honeybee Hutch Mahou no Mako-chan Toumei Shounen Tantei Akira Tomorrow's Joe 1971 Andersen … Animation, Action, Fantasy. Stars: Animation, Action, Fantasy. 110 min | Animation, Action, Horror, High school student Sho happens to come across a mysterious metal object that causes his body to become enveloped in a weapon-encrusted suit of armor, changing him into a being called The ... See full summary », Director: | To make things worse,... See full summary », Directors: | Osamu Saka, Hisayuki Toriumi Animation, Action, Crime. And then other times you are just left in complete silence, which is somehow even more menacing. So Gundam might have bigger guns, but Macross might just edge it out by atmosphere. ‘Byousoku 5 Centimeter’ is an anime movie which has three parts or episodes with each episode being about 22 minutes in length. | Director: $0.06M, TV-PG 167,216 So if you want some of that shounen-esque blood boiling action, give it a watch. Monica Rial, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Megazone 23 Part II: Please Give Me Your Secret, Crying Freeman 2: Shades of Death, Part 1, Super Dimensional Cavalry: Southern Cross. Lum has the power of electricity and is incredibly jealous. You get a show with dozens of characters, all of whom you get to know in a plot that you don’t see coming. 86 min Stars: | if you like such stuff. 81 min Run Sasaki, Stacey Gregg, Kyôko Tongû, 18A This list of "Top 100 Anime Series Of All Time" will feature what I consider to be the 100 greatest anime series ever made. Eiji Takanaka is a B Level hacker who has been accepted into EX. 48 min The movie is so graphic, bizarre, and oddly horny that all plot is kind of thrown through the window and you just watch a grotesque spectacle of blood and nudity. Why? The expendable crew of a corporate space vessel must stop a murderous shape-shifting alien organism that somehow got on board. Director: Chikao Ohtsuka, Not Rated The ship, Macross, even has a believable ecosystem, as a lot of screen time is given to just ordinary civilians living on the ship and how they adapted to their new life. | Saki Takaoka, Unrated MoreTop Airing Anime 1 Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season; 2 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2; 3 Yuru Camp Season 2; 4 Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) 5 Holo no Graffiti 80 min Young kids today don't know how good '80s anime and '90s anime really was. Directors: About this list: I was an anime nut in high school and college in the 80s and 90s, when you couldn't just walk into a store and buy find all of them, you had to find some of this stuff fan subtitled on shaky VHS. Nobutaka Nishizawa | Then he and his father fall into a river and Ranma ends up cursed, sure. Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Not Rated | Director: Akira Kamiya, Hiroyuki Okita, | It’s a very simple movie conceptually: you get these mercenary guys called the Crushers and they’re given an important job. TV-Y7 Wendee Lee, Mark Franklin, Not Rated It’s simple to see why Ghibli is such a titan today just by looking at the first few minutes of this movie. Search over tens of thousands of anime on AniList, the most comprehensive anime database. 13.10.1980 31.08.1981 6 Mushishi Zoku Shou: Suzu no Shizuku: AniDB Top 10: Movie 1 9.49 (1306) 8.57 (1315) N/A (0) 2826 16.05.2015 16.05.2015 7 Steins;Gate: AniDB Top 10 ARC Awards 2011: TV Series 24 9.43 (10228) 8.84 (10444) 8.27 (10) 18919 06.04.2011 14.09.2011 8 Owarimonogatari (2017) Animation and Walt Disney Television Animation outsourced Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese studios to help animate many original animated series for network syndication such as Transformers, Inspector Gadget, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Muppet Babies, DuckTales and … Animation, Fantasy, Horror, Kyuuketsuki Miyu is a disturbing four episode long anime series about a young immortal vampire princess named Miyu and her protector/servant/best friend and more Larva. This then sets up the world in which we find our protagonists, as well as hinting at the overall tone and end-point of the story. Ichirô Nagai, 46 min 5. Joan Baker, Stars: Arisa Andô, 71 min Who cares? Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Kunihiko Yuyama 81 min Akira Kamiya, Animation, Action, Fantasy. | Gross: | And it still managed to find success. If you’re a DBZ fan but never watched the original 80s version, absolutely give this a try. Yoshiko Sakakibara, Teiyû Ichiryûsai, But the most frightening characters are by far the female ones, especially during umm intimate moments. Shinji Ogawa, Unrated | 82 min Geist is an M.D.S. Satoko Kifuji, TV-PG Mika Doi, Anime television series, specials, films, OVAs, and ONAs first released from January 1, 1980 through December 31, 1989. There’s a lot of death and blood in this show. But it is one thing for sure: fun to watch. Iczer-1 needs to stop the Earth invasion by the evil Cthuwulf and she needs to now find a partner to defeat the forces of evil. This playlist features opening themes from every mecha anime (robot anime) from the years 1980-1989. Those born in the eighties might say anime such as "Cowboy Bebop" or "Cardcaptor Sakura" should be counted as classics, but while these series are fundamentally important to the art form of anime as a whole, would these series ever be considered the foundations of the medium? | | Urusei Yatsura is the story of an alien girl, Lum, who comes to Earth and falls in love with a boy. Akiko Hiramatsu, Unrated 14. Toshiko Fujita, Stars: | Mixing various genres while introducing a bulk of audiences to the Japanese cyber Punk Aesthetic, this entry is the only one that all anime fans should at least be aware of. It is a volleyball show, I know people tend to mix those two up. Stars: It’s the 5th best rated anime of all time on MAL. Noriko Ohara, But that just gives an underdog twist to it all. Mari Iijima, | Nobuaki Fukuda, 1 Akira (1988) (Rating 8.16) As stated in the opening, the 80's produced one of the greatest anime films of all time in Akira. Seiji Kumagai, Not Rated | Yoshisada Sakaguchi, Animation, Action, Adventure. Sharon Holm, 9 Daichouhen Doraemon by Fujio F. Fujiko (1980-2004) Rating: 8.35 In approaching fans of manga or anime, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not recognize the beloved robot cat. Mika Doi, Amongst the many sad and brutal shows I have listed here, it’s good to lighten up the mood a bit. Hiroyuki Kitazume, Toyoo Ashida Atsuko Fukushima, 55 min Janice Chaikelson, 9. Edit. | Yasuo Hasegawa, No Image Title Award Type Eps Rating Average Reviews User Aired Ended; 1 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: AniDB Top 10: OVA 110 9.68 (3165) 8.77 (3272) 8.74 (17) | Stars: Akiko Nakamura, Nobuyuki Furuta, | Animation, Action, Adventure, Peace was brought to the land by Kenshirô years ago. Directors: Animation, Action, Drama. | | Shirow Masamune Annemarie Lawless, Terrence Labrosse, TV-PG Because everything was drawn by hand, the cyber-punk world of Akira is just as amazing now as it was decades ago. Animation, Action, Fantasy. Yuriko Yamamoto, Not Rated Heidi Lenhart, Votes: Steve Bulen, Seizô Katô, 100 min | | Fun content on everything pop culture. | is a sports anime from the mid-80s and carries that all known formula: Protagonist is bad at a sport but feels an emotional drive to keep trying, and wouldn’t you know it they slowly improve; I will be Hokage, type of deal. Animation, Action, Adventure. Stars: You get the underdog story, you get the occasional super kick, but most of the time it’s just soccer with a lot of emotional build up behind it. Political tension is also a plot device in the story, so unless little Bobby has mastered The Art of War, maybe put on some old school Cartoon Network and watch this in the other room. | Edie Mirman, TV-MA Ace pilot Trava and his personal mechanic buddy Shinkai, on their way to mark an out-of-the-way planet, pick up Mikuru, a girl with no memory. The soundtrack is top notch, with an incredibly menacing atmosphere during certain tense scenes. The movie belongs to the drama and romantic genre. After killing the son of a powerful oil tycoon, an infamous hit-man becomes the target of American soldiers and superhuman killers. It’s nothing too bad, but there is one certain scene they can do without. Naoko Watanabe, $0.55M, TV-MA It almost seems like everything can be considered an anime these days. An alien spaceship crash lands on Earth and her secrets lead to a desperate war against an alien enemy sent to retrieve the ship. Anime (46) Violence (25) Blood (23) Ova (21) Based On Manga (20) Female Nudity (18) Gore (16) Death (14) Nudity (14) Fight (13) Explosion (12) Murder (12) Robot (12) Blood Splatter (11) Multiple English Dubs (10) Police (10) Bare Breasts (9) Based On Comic Book (9) Brutality (9) Future (9) Gun (9) Kiss (9) Tv Mini Series (9) Battle (8) Cult Film (8) Friend (8) Good Versus Evil (8) Motorcycle (8) Kôichi Ôhata Kazuhiko Inoue, Kei Tomiyama, R Edit source History Talk (0) Share. 19. Show Hayami, Unrated Yoshiko Sakakibara, Not Rated But this time he's got his biker gang called 'Trash' on his side and they have chosen to revolt against the authorities, and the police.

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