Other European plastic recycling plants directory - showing companies in Other Europe that process plastic waste into new materials. Its production is growing steadily and last year was around 18 million tonnes. With around 60 million tons of plastic produced every year, thinking a circular economy for plastic is a crucial challenge in Europe. The ever-increasing amount of plastic, its impact on biodiversity and contribution to climate change, and how to deal with it in a circular economy perspective have been on the European Union’s policy agenda for years. plastics recyclers europe 20 years later and way forward – making more from plastic waste PRE Strategy Paper 2016 outlines the challenges of the European plastics industry and emphasizes the circular economy model as a way to move forward, highlighting the effects it would have on the economy and on the environment. EU PLASTIC WASTE GENERATION IN 2015 Packaging 59% Non Packaging Household: 4% Construction and Demolition: 5% Electrical and Electronic Equipment: 8% Automotive: 5% Agriculture: 5% Others: 14% Source: Eunomia (2017) Around 25.8 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated in Europe every year.5 Less than 30% of such waste is collected for recycling. The feedstock (plastic waste from different types of synthetic plastic) is shredded and mixed with the catalyst into the pyrolysis reactor with certain quantities and ratios, as illustrated in Table 1. 30.012,03 KB . Plastic waste is increasingly polluting the oceans and according to one estimation, by 2050 the oceans could contain more plastic than fish by weight. Packaging accounts for just over 60 percent of total plastic waste in Europe. Some 30% of all the generated plastic waste is collected for recycling and recycling rates by country vary a lot, as shown in the infographic. Half of the plastic collected for recycling is exported to be treated in countries outside the EU. 29.1 M t. Collected plastic post-consumer waste-39%. As a result of earlier negotiations, countries with a per capita gross national income below the EU average will be eligible for a rebate. LONDON (ICIS)--As part of their €750bn coronavirus pandemic recovery package, EU leaders agreed on a new EU charge on plastic packaging wastes.. of plastic post-consumer waste were collected in Europe to be recycled (inside and outside the EU) RECYCLING MULTIPLIER EFFECT x2.4 in GDP and almost x3 in jobs The European plastics industry has a multiplier effect of 2.4 in GDP and almost 3 in jobs* * The European House Ambrosetti study, data … Statusbericht der deutschen Kreislaufwirtschaft 2020. The stainless-steel reactor is a fixed bed. European Council agrees €0.80 tax per kilogram on non-recycled plastic packaging waste starting January 1, 2021; exact law still needs to be developed and then approved by European Parliament and Council of the EU. Instead, they urge the EC to establish a transparent, ambitious, and circular ‘chain of custody’ method. Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations. With recycling, Europe can decouple its dependency on natural resources and work towards a more sustainable, autonomous economy. The EU’s 2018 plastics strategy proposes measures aiming to improve recyclability, collection, sorting, recycling and recycled content of plastic products. Plastic waste treatment in Europe. Plastic and plastic waste are traded worldwide. 3 Plastics Europe: Plastics – the facts 2019, 14 October 2019. Plastic packaging includes a wide array of chemicals. Roland Geyer, Jenna R. Jambeck, and Kara Lavender Law (2017), ‘ Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made ’, Science Advances 19 July 2017. Plastic waste exports outside the EU have decreased by 39% from 2016 to 2018. “We want to use recycled plastic waste as a raw material because plastic should be used over and over again. Plastic waste extra-EU … An analysis of European plastics production, demand and waste data. Generation of plastic packaging waste per capita in the EU 2018, by country. Of this 12.1 Mt (48.7%) was landfilled while 12.8 Mt (51.3%) went to recovery8, and only 5.3 Mt (21.3%) was recycled9. As a member of the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA), Wienerberger also supports the goals of the EU Plastics Strategy: by 2025, the EU market for recycled plastics is to increase to ten million tons. The "Network of Historic Cities against Plastic Waste" ( HISCAP) was established by BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE to facilitate the uptake of our project results from civil society and public authorities. Plastic waste shipments: new EU rules on importing and exporting plastic waste . Plastic waste In the European Union (EU 27), it is estimated that around 25 Mt of plastic waste was generated in 2008. Themenschwerpunkt Kunststoffrecycling. Our most recent report is “Plastics – the Facts 2020. The plastic is heated to reach a maximum temperature of 550 °C, at a heating rate of 15 °C/min. Yet, many of the 12,000 chemicals used in the manufacture of food contact materials (FCMs) globally (over 8,000 in Europe) have not been adequately tested for toxicity. It will create a new burden for manufacturers placing packaged goods on the market, because it will be based on the amount in weight of plastic placed on the market/waste generated, and not on the plastic waste recycled. Plastics recycling is an important factor in the transition towards a green, circular European market. Exporting plastic waste from the EU to Asia is a means of dealing with insufficient recycling capacities in the EU. Under new rules, trash importers and exporters will need to agree on how to handle hazardous shipments. https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/society/20181212STO21610 Shipbreaking: Updated list of European ship recycling facilities to include new yards. Weight of U.S. municipal solid plastic waste generated 1960-2017. The biggest source of plastic waste is packaging and consequently it makes up 62% of all the collected plastic waste in Europe. PlasticsEurope regularly publishes market reports about the European plastics industry. Operation Clean Sweep® Progress Report 2019. The European plastics demand reached 49.9 million tonnes in 2016 (Plastics Europe), with packaging, building and construction, and automotive markets being the most dominant ones for plastics. The network congregates historical cities from Europe, whose aged infrastructure make them especially vulnerable to the many problems caused by plastic pollution. An analysis of European latest plastics production, demand and waste data.” This report provides an analysis of the production, demand and waste management of plastic materials. This measures the overall per capita plastic waste generation rate prior to waste management, recycling or incineration. The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the attention for plastic waste with images of masks in our seas, and large amounts of single-use protective gear. Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius said: These new rules send a clear message that in the EU we are taking responsibility for the waste we generate. Plastic waste and recycling in the EU: facts and figures’, 19 December 2018. Despite some promising efforts to address the growing problem of plastic waste like banning plastic shopping bags or straws, specific prevention targets for different plastic waste are still not widespread in Europe, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) assessment published today. The revised Packaging and Packaging Waste directive set new plastic packaging recycling targets for 2025 (50 %) and 2030 (55 %). In Europe, energy recovery is the most used way to dispose of plastic waste, followed by landfill. News announcement | 13 November 2020. The EU will ban the export of unsorted plastic waste to poorer countries as of January. In a joint letter issued yesterday evening, Zero Waste Europe, ECOS, and six other signatories call upon the European Commission (EC) to avoid a flexible ‘mass balance approach’ method in determining recycled content in plastic products. 2. Rapidly growing amounts of plastic have negative environmental and climate impacts. Exporting plastic waste from the EU to OECD countries and imports in the EU will also be more strictly controlled. It does not therefore directly indicate the risk of pollution to waterways or marine environments. 184 plastic recycling plants based in Other Europe are listed below. The main issue is the biggest component of the waste – packaging. In the 7th edition of the European List of ship recycling facilities … The EU is facing a growing problem in managing its plastic waste, warns a report by the European Court of Auditors. Plastics is one of the seven areas considered as crucial by the European Commission to achieving a circular economy in the EU by 2050. 4.041,94 KB . The charge, to be introduced as of 1 January 2021, will be calculated on the weight of nonrecycled plastic packaging waste "with a call rate of €0.80/kilogramme with a mechanism to avoid excessively regressive impact on national contributions.” Today, the European Commission adopted new rules on the export, import and intra-EU shipment of plastic waste. “Much of it ends up in landfill but we think this is a waste,” he said. PE 658.279 - October 2020 EN STUDY Requested by the PETI committee . of plastics and micro-plastics use, waste and pollution: EU and national measures Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs Directorate-General for Internal Policies . During filming, Tom said 100% of INEOS polymers could be recycled, but currently, only about 14% of plastic was recycled. The export of plastic waste will only be allowed under very strict conditions. In order to reduce plastic waste, local teams at Pipelife set their own targets that go beyond those defined internationally. Plastic Free World Conference & Expo has rapidly become the must-attend international conference and exhibition for any company looking for new technologies, materials, and solutions to help realize their plastic waste targets and source the latest innovations driving the new circular economy.. EU could apply tax on non-recycled plastic packaging waste. What are European countries doing to tackle plastic waste? July 28, 2020 Justin Boucher During a meeting of the European Council on July 21, 2020, it was agreed that a new … Product innovations at local level. Daily plastic waste generation per person, measured in kilograms per person per day. Europe is at crossroads regarding its management of plastic, plastic waste and the plastic waste trade.

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