E) Skin irritation is extremely rare, but care should be taken with hypersensitive skin patients. It is typically applied immediately prior to an activity to prevent and protect acute injuries, left on for a short period of time, and taken off immediately after conclusion of activity. The tape itself can stretch 120-140% of its original length (3) and contract back to its original size (7, 8). Click here to buy a kinesiology taping book with a 90 minute DVD on how to tape. The word Kinesio comes from the word kinesiology. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Buy some here. However, the shipping address you wish to ship to does not need to match your billing or credit card address. Lymph and blood circulation are facilitated in order to rehabilitate and relieve pain. If you are new to kinesiology taping, take a few minutes to read about the different types of kinesiology tape, so you can select the best product for your situation. The tape is extremely rigid and requires a pre-tape prior to application to protect the skin from irritation. It is typically left on for a shorter period of time (no longer than 18 hours) due to its constricting and suffocating feel and adverse skin reaction. I prefer the Kinesio Tape brand and in my experience, red, blue and tan tape all work the same; however I’ve found that the black tape … Day 3: Kinesio Taping Advanced Techniques & Clinical Reasoning, Certified Kinesio Taping Instructors (CKTI), Become a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP), Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP), http://www.shopkinesio.com/DVD-Disks_c_31.html, 100% High Grade Cotton – for comfort and air-permeability, 140% Elasticity – same flexibility as human skin and muscles, Heat Activated Adhesive – very light, mild, and hypo-allergenic, Air permeable, microscopically lifts the skin, channels away moisture, Durable – average usage allows 3-5 days per application, More Economical – usually 8-10 applications per roll of tap. Copyright 2020 © Kinesio Holding Corporation. Today, Kinesio Taping is used by medical practitioners and athletes around the world. This is not the aim of traditional athletic tape. One of the easiest to apply by yourself tapes that I have seen is the pre-cut for you deisgns from Spidertech. All the different colours really make Kinesio tape stick out on TV or watching live in the stadium. Use as few colors as possible to make it easier for employees to remember the meaning of each color and reduce the number of floor marking products you need. 1. You even get equine kinesio tape now for horse racing and show jumping. All the different colours really make Kinesio tape stick out on TV or watching live in the stadium. The instructing CKTI has submitted the proper forms, teaching plans, and course outline to KTA to insure that the seminar taught will meet the requirements necessary to obtain proper accreditation. A non-approved course may be taught by an instructor who is not recognized or trained by the KTA, therefore KTA cannot guarantee the same high standards of teaching. Color choice is a matter of individual preference. In addition, it is also believed that correct taping can help provide support to muscles by helping the muscle to not over-extend or over-contract. Here is a quote from Lance Armstrong about the tape: “Something better than any laser, wrap or electric massager. Using kinesio tape on athletes has been around for a long time, but, it was probably only since the 2008 Beijing Olympics that the widespread use of the tape became a lot more popular. Color homogeneity at baseline: the analysis of color homogeneity before treatment was a necessary pre-requisite. Rocktape Kinesiology Tape Athletes, Water Resistant, Reduce Pain & Injury Recovery, 5cm x 5m, Uncut, Union Jack, Click here to buy a kinesiology taping book with a 90 minute DVD on how to tape. This is the Kinesio tape hamstring taping technique, This is the SpiderTech knee taping technique. Lance Armstrongs chiropractor, Jefferey Spencer, used Kinesio tape on Lance on the Tour de France cycle race. There is no compression on the skin, making it “light to the feel” and allowing comfortable wear over a 3-5 day period. These may be purchased at http://www.shopkinesio.com/DVD-Disks_c_31.html. Watch the video to see how kinesio tapes works: Typical athletic tapes that are used in treating sports injuries tend to be harder and rigid that are designed not to be very elastic. KINESIO TAPING THE WORLD FOR HEALTH TO RELEASE THE BODY'S NATURAL HEALING POWER. Kinesio Tape is a hypoallergenic, latex-free tape that can be worn for several days at a time. You know the white type of tape that traditionally rugby players would wrap around their knees, wrists, and ankle joints etc…. Amazon's Choice for kinesio tape. There are currently no government-mandated or widely accepted industry standards for regulating what colors should be used when marking floors. All rights reserved. The membership levels that have access are 60 Trial Memberships, KTP or ELITE levels. For more information on membership level benefits CLICK HERE. So the colour of the Kinesio tape used doesn’t mean you are getting a softer or harder tape. Privacy Policy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. I have seen pictures before of people applying Kinesio tape on bruising like this series of pictures for a severe hamstring muscle strain bruise. The tape is made from 100% elastic fibers that only stretch on the longitudinal axis. To this end, mean CIE L*a*b* values of pictures at T0 were calculated over an area of 14768 pixels for each tail. $8.20 $ 8. Hot mud is packaged according to the time it takes to harden. You might be wondering what exactly is that special tape on your favourite sportsman or woman and why they are wearing it on their skin. Kinseio Taping - Kinesiology Tape Tex Gold FP - Beige – 2 in. This will make it easier for employees to remember the intended meaning of each color and reduce the number of floor marking products that must be kept in inventory. You do not need to wait. I have seen people taped on anywhere and everywhere of their bodies. Apply approximately 1 hour prior to activity or shower to allow glue to adhere properly. Since the original kinesio tape has surged in demand around the world since 2008, I have seen other companies produce their own version of the elastic therapeautic tape. The only difference is Partner Hosted is hosted by someone else who takes the registrations, sets the price and hires the Instructor. Only approved courses are accepted in obtaining accreditation as a Certified Kinesio® Taping Practitioner. Must have completed 80 course hours of anatomy and physiology, Must have a working knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, Must be able to do assessments by evaluating and/or diagnosing injuries and conditions. Because of the significant hands-on component of our certification courses, we are unable to offer them in an online format. Some of the more popular areas that people seem to be taped on are the: Want to learn how to tape properly without needing to go on a seminar or training? Elastic therapeutic taping, sometime referred to as kinesiology taping, is a healing methodology invented and introduced in Japan in 1979 by Dr. Kenzo Kase, founder of Kinesio, based on deep insight into skin and tissue physiology and its relationship to injury, impaired function, pain, and healing. You may have to self-submit for approval. Kinesio Tape is used with many conditions, including shin splints, shoulder pain from bursitis and rotor cuff injury, ankle sprain, wrist pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and TMJ. It is non … But experts told us it depends on how you apply it. Please bring a notebook and your best pair of scissors to the seminar. The company that manufactures Kinesio® Tex tape has said it can help a range of issues: from pain relief to lymphatic drainage for enhanced healing. If you have been to a healthcare professional recently who applied some of this “magic” tape on an injured area I hope this helps you understand a bit more about why the tape was used on you. This athletic tape is not the typical rigid, supportive, athletic tape we have all seen in the past. For example, quick-setting drywall mud is sold in packages labeled 5-minute, 20-minute, 45-minute, 90-minute or higher. Lifting the skin up increases the surface area between the epidermis and dermis skin, which allows improved drainage of the inflammatory fluids and helps to change the sensation in the nerve endings in the area. Difference between Taping Techniques: There are three main taping techniques recognized in the United States: White Athletic Taping, McConnell® Taping Technique, and Kinesio® Taping Method. The Express course covers almost all the material covered in Assessments, Fundamental Concepts and Techniques and Advanced Techniques and Clinical Reasoning but in a slightly more condensed format. It is located at the bottom of the left column. Through subsequent decades of research and clinical validation, the “wisdom” acquired by Dr. Kase has been refined and integrated into the design of Kinesio tape products and a rigorously defined application methodology to ensure the most effective healing outcomes. Hot mud hardens by means of a chemical reaction. Tape With Wisdom refers to the skill level of our medical professionals, but as Dr. Kase notes, “There is wisdom in Kinesio Tape itself.” Our education program is created to share insights into the body’s powerful natural healing and the beneficial effect “wise” taping can have to unleash it and achieve notable results for pain relief, physiological balance and overall patient advocacy. The color of the subject’s shorts and tee-shirts may have interfered. The color standards have been largely established by OSHA in their standard CFR 1910.144, which is titled “Safety Color Code for Marking Physical Hazards.” While this section covers more than just floor marking tape, it should be used whenever choosing any type of hazard communication markings. The technique is primarily used for neuromuscular re-education of the affected condition and is widely accepted by the medical community. Our range of kinesiology tapes are super thin, highly elastic therapeutic tapes that provide support and compression for sports injuries, muscular tension and joint distortions. • Color coding workcell and equipment borders. An approved Kinesio® Taping course is a course that has been recognized as meeting the educational standards set forth by the Kinesio® Taping Association, the governing educational body of the Kinesio® Taping Method. Kinesiology tape comes in a variety of styles and sizes, providing options for all body sizes, skin types and injuries or health conditions. Maybe an athlete has a specific colour preference for their clothing outfit or they just like a specific colour. The Difference Between Kinesio Tape To Other Athletic Tapes? Kinesio® Taping Method is a therapeutic taping technique not only offering your patient or athlete the support they are looking for, but also rehabilitates the affected condition as well. For credit card verification you must enter your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. Perhaps an effect would be found “in more functionally meaningful contexts across a range of sports and at a … Below is an example of a box of the original tape roll. On the other hand kinesiology tape wants to promote movement and proprioception. Sorting is accomplished by removing unneeded items and leaving in place only critical items necessary to obtain optimal production.. Set things in order by using different color 5S floor tapes and floor markers to show work flow patterns, establish borders between work areas and mark the proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery. The tape … seemed to have special powers. Lance Armstrongs chiropractor, Jefferey Spencer, used Kinesio tape on Lance on the Tour de France cycle race. Below are the steps to access the Kinesio Taping Application Database. Elastic therapeutic taping, sometime referred to as kinesiology taping, is a healing methodology invented and introduced in Japan in 1979 by Dr. Kenzo Kase, founder of Kinesio, based on deep insight into skin and tissue physiology and its relationship to injury, impaired function, pain, and healing. This wave-like effect is thought to help with lymphatic drainage of odema (swelling) in the damaged area. Using a highly specific tape design that works with the body, allowing full ROM (and in most cases improving ROM), Kinesio® Taping will not affect bio-mechanics of the patient. One variable that may account for disparities in the findings of previous studies is the colour of the tape applied. Taping for Trigger Points; Different Colours of KinesioTape; Different Colors of the Kinesio Tape - Meaning; Taping Made Easy for Physios Sep 28 (5) Sep 27 (1) July (4) Jul 29 (2) Jul 25 (1) Jul 14 (1) June (1) Jun 06 (1) 2011 (1) I must say RockTape do have the best designs on their tape like countries flags. It is recommended that after the tape is applied to the skin that the tape is rubbed to activate the adhesive as well as to help it adhere. You may only do so if both courses are hosted by the same Partner. You will automatically redirect to the database. Register and complete Kinesio Taping® Assessments, Fundamental Concepts, and Techniques & Kinesio Taping® Advanced Techniques and Clinical Reasoning or 20 hour Kinesio Taping® Express Course. He also founded the Kinesio Taping Association back in 1984. All courses are taught by a recognized Certified Kinesio® Taping Instructor (CKTI) who has met the training and re-certification training necessary to properly disseminate the Kinesio® Taping Method and its reasoning. UK footballer David Beckham has photographed with the pink version of coloured elastic tape on him. Kinesio tape gained wide popularity after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where athletes were seen wearing the tape during the games (12). Yes, the workbook and tape is included in the price. A Guide to Kinesiology Tape Kinesiology tape is booming. I remember seeing all these Olympic athletes with this funny coloured tape in strange shapes and in different directions all over their bodies. A majority of the seminar time is devoted to hands-on exercises to give you practical, hands-on experience to help you apply your new skills immediately. The beige was created for minimal visibility and the black was created after many requests. Purchase and maintain an annual KTAI membership. It can also be used to help decrease pain, swelling, and muscle spasm. Then the tape is applied from one end of the muscle to the other with very little to no stretch on the tape itself. Kinesio tape can be a huge asset for athletes. Kase created a protocol and Kinesio Taping® technique on how to apply the tape properly. There exists conflicting evidence regarding the impact of kinesiology tape on performance and muscle function. I asked a physiotherapist who uses kinesio tape this question and she told me that the different colours are based on colour therapy. All Rights Reserved | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclosure, Examples of Famous Athletes Who Get Taped For Sport Events. Irritation is caused by the entrapment of moisture, high latex content, and severe compression of skin, muscles, and joints. Taping & Strapping Kinesiology Tape. Latex-free, Kinesio® Tex Tape is safe for sensitive skin and for populations ranging from pediatric to geriatric. All approved courses offer the participant the most current and advanced teaching methods and protocols that have been specifically created to enhance Kinesio® Taping proficiency. That said, the agency’s standard for safety color codes (29 CFR 1910.144) offers some guidance for establishing a color-coded floor marking system. CEUs awarded for seminars vary by state and profession. Our payment provider might block payments for which the customer-entered zip/postal code does not match the code on file with the card-issuing bank. White is probably the most common for do-it-yourselfers. If one is not available you can go to www.shopkinesio.com. You have to login with your username and password. What do the colors mean? Red Kinesiotape is a darker color in the light spectrum and thus it will absorb more light, slightly increasing the temperature under the tape strip applied to the skin. Elastic therapeutic tape, also called kinesiology tape, kinesiology therapeutic tape, Kinesio tape, k-tape, or KT, is an elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive that is used with the intent of treating pain and disability from athletic injuries and a variety of other physical disorders. For our purposes, I will specifically talk about athletes and tape usage. Search results for: 'What the tapes colors mean' Related search terms what's the difference between pro and elastic sports tape What kt tape is better regular or pro What is the difference in the types and colors of tape What is the difference in the types and colors of tape.'" With the right colors in the right places, you can easily keep workers on the right path and identify equipment, storage areas, hazardous areas, forklift traffic and more. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Must have achieved or is a student in their junior or senior year (transcripts must be provided) working towards one or more of the following credentials: ARNP, ATC, CAT(C), CCSP, CDP, CHT, CLT, CMBT, CMT, CNMT, COMT, COTA, COTA/L, CPO, CRN, CST, CT, DC, DO, DOM, DPT, Lac, LAT, LLCC, LMBT, LMP, LMT, LOT, LOTA, LPT, LPTA, MD, MDT, MLD, MOT, MOTR/L, MPT, MT, MTC, NCMT, NCTMB, NDT, NMD, NMT, NP, NRC, OCS, ODT, OMD, OPA, OT, OTA, OTC, OTR, OTR/L, PT, PT-C, PTA, PA, RMT, RN, RPT, RPTA, SLP, Paramedics, Kinesiotherapist and Kinesiologists. For information for CEUs, please contact our Seminar Department at 1-888-320-8273 or via email at seminar@kinesiotaping.com, If a Distributor is present at your seminar, you will be able to buy product. I found some videos showing you examples on how to use both the Spidertech pre-cut kinesiology tape and the Kinesio® Tex taping method on a lower back, hamstring muscle and knee area. What is Kinesio Tape? If you look at Kinesio Tape up close, you will notice a wave-like pattern. The Achilles tendon is located on your… heel. In order to attend a Kinesio Taping® seminar, each attendee must meet all of the following criteria: Yes. Complete online CKTP exam and pass with 80% or higher. The Kinesio Taping Method is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis. You may have recently seen that coloured tape used on athletes on TV. CrossFit athletes at the CrossFit games and in training boxes all seem to be wearing RockTape, another competitor in this medical taping world. ATC, OT and LMT’s do transfer from state to state. The Kinesio® Taping Method requires a tape that is patient and skin-friendly, possesses optimum elastic qualities, is the same thickness as the skin, and is durable enough to stay on for multiple days, even through sweating and showers. Skin should be free of oil, sweat, or lotion prior to application. After taking the Express Course you can take the CKTP Exam. ... Kinesio Kinesio Tape, Tex Classic, 2" X 4.4 Yds, Black, 1 Roll. See the results from 3 days to 9 days post injury: When Kinesio tape is applied to a bruise muscle it creates a wave-like effect on the skin. Its water-resistant fabric wicks away moisture and allows the patient to bathe or even swim as usual. Avoid extreme stretching of the tape during application to avoid skin irritation. KT Tape is trusted by medical providers including physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and massage therapists. Achilles tendon pain. 1 Safety Color Code as a guide for selecting colors for floor striping tape. There are no rehabilitative uses or benefits. It’s a single density product, thin by nature. Kinesiology tape is a type of treatment used in recent years in physical therapy and sports medicine clinics. Manufacturers mix different amounts of hardening agents into the material causing it to set up at different times. There is no physical or chemical difference between the colors. I wanted to find out more about Kinesio® Tex Tape and why the kinesio taping method is used by different healthcare professionals, like chiropractors and physiotherapists, around the world on both their amateur or professional sport patients and their regular clinic patients. It’s designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity so you can use your full range of motion. The videos show you how to apply the tape correctly. Kinesiology tape, that brightly colored tape you've seen on runners, may be a short-term pain relief solution. To locate precisely the area on which the three KT tails were applied, the second picture was used as a reference. Without getting too technical, the tape is applied over the affected area with the muscles in a stretched position. It can be used to help facilitate muscle function, stabilize joints, or inhibit muscles from contracting improperly. The color(s) of the labels and tape identify the type of hazard, which helps the employee identify the level of severity. Buy some here. It is used for virtually all clinical conditions. When it comes to hot-mud, there is a difference between hardening and drying. It affects the bio-mechanics of the patient and is most commonly used for patellofemoral and shoulder subluxation, as well as lumbar, foot, and hip impingement. PLEASE NOTE: To access the Kinesio Taping Application Database your must have an active Kinesio Taping Association International (KTAI) membership. This is the SpiderTech lower back taping technique. Kinesio tape, if properly applied, can be used for virtually anything from chronic pain to menstrual cramps. Please contact our Seminar Department at 1-888-320-8273 or via email at seminar@kinesiotaping.com. Every morning before the stage, they would tape us all up, different parts of our bodies … the next day the pain disappeared — it was gone.”. Students can take the exam and upon graduation get their CKTP designation. Swimming, beach volleyball, wrestling, rugby, soccer, golf, tennis, gymnastics. Yes. OSHA outlines the color code for marking physical hazards in 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.144 . For the best hold, it’s best if the tape is applied before activity and that the skin is clean, dry and free of any lotions or oils. All our tapes are water resistant. Even at the London 2012 Olympic games athletes are still getting treated taped by their coaches, physiotherapists, chiropractors or sport physcians. Do The Different Tape Colours Mean Anything? This ref… Have you had Kinesio tape put on you before and found a big difference? In the past, some suppliers looked to the ANSI Z535. So as you can see Kinesio tape is very elastic and can be used in so many ways. Non-approved Kinesio® Taping educational units will not be accepted in obtaining the accreditation necessary to become a CKTP. After application, rub down tape to activate heat-sensitive glue. White Athletic Taping is the most commonly used taping technique in the U.S. (shout out: Greek mythology) To give it the KT tape treatment, “place your calf in a flexed position. You can get all kinds of different sizes from a small box to clinical size length of rolls of Kinesio® Tex tape. But the full benefits of the Kinesio® Taping Method were not possible until Kinesio® Tex Tape was developed. This is the Kinesio tape knee taping technique. OSHA offers no requirements for specific floor marking colors; however, a 1972 OSHA interpretation states that lines meant to define aisles may be any color, provided they clearly lay out the aisle. You can take it immediately after Kinesio Taping Assessments, Fundamental Concepts and Techniques. The colors exist for a reason to help both the installer, and in professional applications, to help the building inspector know what the installer used. 1 Count (Pack of 1) 4.8 out of 5 stars 19. Kinesio tape can be applied in the middle of workouts or events in the case of sudden injury. When you play with some of the original K tape it is very elastic, stretchy & springy. Kinesiology tape is really stretchy.. Kase created Kinesio tape with a proprietary blend of cotton and nylon. The original Kinesio® Tex tape was invented in the 1970’s by chiropractor, Kenzo Kase. There are several companies that now manufacture the tape in various colors and designs. 5S METHODOLOGY. There is no resistance/support difference between the different tape colours. You could name about any sport on TV and you might have seen an athlete wearing some. The tape is applied from the ORIGIN to INSERTION of the muscle for SUPPORT and from INSERTION to ORIGIN for REHABILITATION. Kinesio tape is widely used … Like the hamstring injury picture slide show example above, you can see where the tape was on the skin . Kinesiology is defined as the study of body movements. While Blue Kinesiotape is a more lighter color in the light spectrum and it will reflect more light, slightly decreasing the temperature under the tape strip applied to the skin. We do have a series of videos on specific clinical subjects which are available on DVD or for download. The colors can provide field advertising at athletic events, a conversational opener, and instant product recognition. The history of kinesiology tape comes from Japan. I would love to hear your comment below. You will have to check with your local board for PT’s only. Everywhere we look, the brightly colored tape is adorning the skin of athletes, sports enthusiasts, and those of us who want to relieve pain, receive support and speed healing to our weak or injured muscles. Buy some here. We are looking forward to hosting more online education in the future. Day 1/2: Kinesio Taping Assessments, Fundamental Concepts & Techniques. The course content is exactly the same. Those kinds of tapes are designed to restrictive and are meant to inhibit movement at a joint. UK footballer David Beckham has photographed with the pink version of coloured elastic tape on him. McConnell® Taping is a bracing or strapping technique using a super-rigid, cotton mesh, highly-adhesive tape. Kinesio Tape is a latex-free hypoallergenic cotton fiber tape that is used to move lymph fluids, change muscle tone, improve posture, and correct movement patterns. You can see Dr. Kenzo Kase applying the therapeutic tape with his expert skills in this photo slide show. 2 Inch (Pack of 1) 4.6 out of 5 stars 4,982. Please contact the facility host for more details. No, for CEU purposes, you must attend both days. However, few studies have investigated the influence of colour … In contrast, a non-approved course is a course and/or courses that has not met the educational standards, protocols and requirements established by the Kinesio® Taping Association. This is the Kinesio tape lower back technique, This is the SpiderTech hamstring muscle taping technique. Some companies choose to mark equipment locations using the same color employed for aisleways and work cell boundaries. Colour is hypothesised to influence sporting performance through modulation of arousal and aggression. Use it for putting together water pipe threads, up to 3/8″. An Official is hosted by Kinesio University. The colors were developed to be compatible with color therapy. The intent is to reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries. After logging in, click the TAPING DATABASE button. Maybe the real effect occurs in the performance of someone looking at the color of the kinesiology tape used by an opponent. Without a doubt, the technique is the most important aspect in achieving the greatest therapeutic results.

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