Joe’s writing slowed down with the birth of his daughter. That was not a good week. The best part of RAB has been the friendships, both the new ones I’ve made and the existing ones that grew stronger. Create a Patreon account (the account itself is free) if you don’t have one already, then click the “Become a Patron” button on the RAB Thoughts page, and you’re in. It just goes to show us, while it may be daunting to start something from scratch, the persistence and the love for it can lead it to something so impactful. Chantel is now 35. It’s not easy to openly admit this but things shifted a bit for me in terms of my career opportunity and priority – but I always had River Avenue Blues in the back of my mind, because for me, this is where it all started. I’m fairly certain we would have kept this thing going through at least 2011 without the level of readership that we attained. Come and join our community. I just hope MedicWest changes their ways.". That big dip came after … a series loss to the Mets? But RAB people have been very gracious – they always had my back, they allowed me to improve by my own and most importantly, they never hesitated to give me a confidence boost. I couldn’t keep up with posting after law school ended and my current career began. As beloved as Dolly is, nobody was desperate enough for the Strawberry Pretzel Pie to shell out that kinda dough for ice cream in the mail (delivered on dry ice) ... but that didn't stop people from trying to hook a buyer. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is sending his love and support to "The Challenge" star Ashley Cain ... as doctors say his 8-month-old daughter only has days to live. Jarrott apparently saw a weapon inside Cueva's truck as he was stepping out of the vehicle, and asked Cueva if he could take it off him ... as he put it, "for my safety?" RAB was at its best with multiple voices and different opinions, and I am only one person. Personally, I read everything Lindsey writes (no, The Athletic is not paying me to say that) and pretty much everything at RLYW. Because so many customers and Dolly lovers were clamoring for her new ice cream, those who apparently managed to get their hands on some tried to cash in ... by listing pints on eBay for $1,000!!! Lamb of God (sometimes abbreviated as LoG) is an American heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia.Formed in 1994 as Burn the Priest, the group consists of bassist John Campbell, vocalist Randy Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, and drummer Art Cruz.The band is considered a significant member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement. But this is the story as I remember and can document it. And so it began. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I’m not oblivious to the site’s success and to this day I have a hard time wrapping my head around it, but I don’t feel I’ve earned it. The Bronx View runs a daily update post similar to DotF. The source adds the security team are all Dominicans, because Vin wanted he help employ people in the area. (7) Despite a plethora of injuries, a good start to the season had fan confidence on the rise early in 2013. Cashman, who also went to a school in Washington, DC area (Catholic University of America), saw that. And Swizz ends by saying he's comforted to know DMX's pain is gone forever and he's at peace. Although he’d never before gone deep with the bases full, Sanchez has been a productive hitter over the last three seasons in those situations. This not only goes for baseball blogs but also for pretty much everything in our lifetime. As a result, fan confidence was at its lowest point during the RAB era. Like pretty much everything else with RAB, I did not expect the Fan Confidence Poll to last as long as it did. The Yankees won the 2009 World Series, faded a bit from 2010-12, bottomed out from 2013-16, then rose back up in 2017 and 2018. It means a lot to me (to us) and I thank everyone who reached out. Due to being a "glitch", Vanellope was forbidden to race by order of King Candy. ", Swizz says he cried 50 times before delivering his message ... a message to a man who was a true humanitarian. It was also his 59th longball since his first full season in 2017, five more than any other major-league catcher in that span. Kid Cudi paid homage to the later rocker Kurt Cobain -- who died almost 27 years ago to the day -- by wearing a dress almost identical to one worn by the Nirvana frontman. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. And Swizz says there's a reason ... "He took everybody's pain and made it his. That came a few weeks later. Y’all were at my wedding, we were all at Ben’s wedding, and it’s reassuring to know that we’ll see each other long after these doors close. Voyager Middle School is made up of a diverse community of 900 students and over 70 staff members. Going forward, the RAB website will remain live so you can go back through the archives, though the site will not be updated. The Yankees capped off their third sweep of the season with a 11-5 win on Sunday afternoon, continuing their scorching-hot streak over the last couple weeks. Going 1-6 and getting swept by the Red Sox meant a tumble. JP, Steve H, James K, Stephen, Brock, Hannah, Larry, Moshe, Jamie, Eric, Matt W, Katie, Betsy, Sung-Min, Steven, Dom, Matt I, Bob, Ashley, Derek, and countless infrequent contributors for helping us maintain our high standards for content both in quantity and quality. Here's what's going down -- the country music legend teamed up with Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams to create her very own flavor, Strawberry Pretzel Pie, and it created pandemonium this week ... both on Jeni's website and at its actual store locations. As for what was discussed in front of the cameras, that still remains a mystery ... but we know all of the show's stars -- Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc -- participated. In the middle of an email thread about something completely different, I wrote: Re: breaking off. In our shutdown post I said I was considering a mailing list/newsletter type thing with a weekly “thoughts” style post. J Lo posted a pic of herself Saturday on the set of the movie she's shooting in the D.R. I think about the fans and readers who have written to us lately talking about how we expanded their baseball horizons and their love and appreciate for the game. I’ve just been trying to keep up. He never lived for hisself. Burnett’s Spring Training debuts. After a few months things were going well, but not exceptionally well. In fact, Perry sent 'Friends' fans into a frenzy Saturday when he quickly posted then deleted a photo of himself in a makeup chair with the caption, "Seconds before eating a makeup brush. His fans, in Great Britain and the States, are showing incredible support. Wednesday’s a good day right in the middle of the week. We thought we could out-manage our favorite team’s manager. Source Look, wise guy, I know I'm a racer. I wouldn’t change RAB’s approach over the last 12 seasons for the world, but if we all knew then what we knew now, many of us would think twice about that Moneyball approach (and we sure as hell would’ve traded the Big Three). She is a young, sharp-tongued racer that originates from the candy-themed racing game, Sugar Rush. The emerald-cut ring with a massive diamond was MIA. Building one in the New York media market about this team? The special is set to air on HBO sometime in the next few months. This site was a community: where anyone could come in and get their daily dose of the New York Yankees. We’ve added writers over the years to reduce my workload and also to bring different perspectives to the site, and I felt the same way. Thank you for reading, thank you for the thank yous and the stories about what RAB meant to you, and thank you for pushing me to make RAB the best it could possibly be. ), then, in one fell swoop, the Yankees added a high-upside youngster and a quality veteran on a one-year contract. Nasty weather delayed the event for about 30 minutes, which eventually kicked off in front of 25,000 fans at Raymond James Stadium. Evolution 41m. Fan confidence actually increased from 8.01 to 8.48 following the Lee non-trade. They're probably going to dominate the UFC or MMA in general.". New Mexico State Police are revealing the harrowing moment Officer Darian Jarrott was disgustingly gunned down in cold blood when he pulled over a drug dealer armed with an assault weapon. The source adds there was extra security because Vin's entire family was there. I know I talked a lot about myself and my experience of the website but it’s much moreso about guys like Mike, Ben, Joe, Jay, Betsy and others who have laid the foundation for River Avenue Blues to be such a big part of many Yankee fans’ online fandom. Mike Leigh Sets Next Film, Bleecker Street Takes U.S. Rights The project – currently known as Untitled 2020 and with plot details being kept under wraps – will shoot in the U.K. this summer. We all thought we could do a better job than our favorite team’s GM. The only difference with his charity was he never talked about it.". The idea is pretty self-explanatory: Take the pulse of the fanbase over a long stretch of time. Maybe Thursday works better because it is typically the end of the previous series and start of the new series. Even though I never met most of you, you were part of my life for 12 years, and you helped me get to where I am today. What a time to be alive. And so I close the RAB chapter of my life with some gratitude: Dad for basically everything: my Yankee fandom, encouragement of my writing pursuits, and constant readership. As RAB closes shop today, I personally wanted to thank everyone for their tremendous support of this website and my writing over the past four-plus years. That was February 2. I thought my future was in working the radio control board, editing soundbytes on Adobe Audition, cutting video files and putting captions, etc. There has never been a moment — not once — where I felt like I deserved the recognition or praise that came my way for RAB. I was hoping to capture a few months worth of data, maybe two or three years worth if everything went well, and now here we are a decade later. Thanks for stopping by. We still love the Yanks, warts, frustrations, injuries and all; it’s just time to love the Yankees as fans again. Swizz Beatz eulogized his old friend and music partner DMX ... saying he lived to help others and made their pain his. Hier begint u met het plannen van uw volgende vakantie in Toscane, Italië. ), but people want it, so here it is. Ben covered the basics in his own farewell post so apologies if I’m covering known ground. Get exclusive access to the latest stories, photos, and video as only TMZ can. With it, came a different approach to team-building that turned everyone into Moneyball accolades and led everyone to propose a budgetary-constrained approach to baseball team-building. Vin is renting a place in a gated community in the Dominican Republic, and neighbors say he has 12 aggressive security guards protecting him and his fam. As you probably know ... Cobain died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound April 5, 1994. When Ben asked me to join him on Off The Facade, which was part of a network and much bigger than my puny operation, it was an easy yes. A series loss to the Mets. Here is everything I could cobble together for the post-RAB world. (4) In the span of about an hour one January 2012 afternoon, the Yankees traded for Michael Pineda and signed Hiroki Kuroda. I read it all the time.”. Read up on the Yankees multiple times daily. All of you who found us over the years. Fans were feeling good about things from 2009-2012, then fan confidence really sank from 2013 to the middle of 2016. As you all know by now ... J Lo and A-Rod hit a rough patch recently, seemingly calling off their engagement for a nanosecond and then saying they're working through things. Weekly thoughts posts for the cost of one non-Starbucks cup of coffee a month. When we launched RAB, it started as a passion project, and I did my best to keep up with Joe and Ben. The family of an aspiring actress just received a whopping $29.5 million verdict, after the woman became a quadriplegic after suffering a severe allergic reaction and not getting proper care from paramedics. At the time, she was at a convention at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center in Vegas, modeling clothing at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show. Eventually I became credentialed — I am forever grateful to Marc Carig for showing an overwhelmed blogger the ropes in a big league clubhouse (you can all Marc thank for talking me into keeping RAB alive as long as I did) — and now I’m in the BBWAA and halfway to a Hall of Fame vote. At some point, he looked at the credential card hanging below my neck and said this: “River Avenue Blues!

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